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Cycling – A Little Lesson

Let me tell you a really, really silly story from my childhood that taught me an unsought lesson that I… Read More

7 months ago

Comparison is an Art (How to stop comparing yourself to others)

Why are so many people in this generation so unhappy with their lives these days? Well, they don’t know how… Read More

1 year ago

Best Tips to Stay Motivated Towards Your Goals in 2020

2020 has really left us all feeling demotivated, hasn't it? We are barely finding the motivation and energy to do… Read More

3 years ago

How To Apply The Compound Effect In Your Life

The Compound Effect has to be my favorite book ever. It is the most practical book I've ever read. It… Read More

3 years ago

Why & How the ‘All or Nothing Mindset’ is Holding You Back

If you've looked up the All or Nothing Mindset, you probably have it and it's bad for you.via GIPHYDo you… Read More

3 years ago

Why You Lack Confidence and Feel Inferior to Others

It's so simple. You'd wish you had known this before.Before I begin, I want to define the type of confidence… Read More

3 years ago

How To Build a Habit Easily – The Best Way

There's only one way to build a habit. I waited until I had read the book "The Power Of Habit"… Read More

3 years ago

What I’ve learned from the ‘5 second rule’ (it’s life-changing)

Knowing is never enough. That's it. That's what I've learned from the 5 second rule. Let me be honest. I've… Read More

3 years ago


Make this your motto. CREATE MORE. CONSUME LESS.I recently read a comment under a YouTube video that went something like this-… Read More

3 years ago