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5 Best Acoustic Guitars in India under 10000 rupees

The saturation in the guitar market is at an all-time high as the popularity of the guitars has stood the test of times. With so many Cheap Acoustic Guitar Options available in the market, it actually leaves a beginner bewildered. But, Don’t worry, we are here to your rescue!

We will list down the 5 best acoustic guitars in India under 10000 rupees to buy in 2021.

Several factors go into purchasing the best guitar. Therefore, before diving into the reviews of the guitars, we should know about factors that influence the choice of a guitar. Some of these most important aspects are discussed as follows:

Guitar’s Shape & Style

The style and shape of the guitar not only influence their visual appeal but also play a significant role in the sound quality and range of the guitar. Most famous styles of guitars are dreadnought, OOO, and OM. Similarly, OOO and OM guitars are an appropriate choice for mid-range frequencies and smaller sizes.

Design & Size

The size of the guitar is immensely important as it influences the ease of holding the guitar. Guitars with smaller sizes, excellent neck shapes, and smaller-scale lengths are usually preferred. Long scale length is also liked by experienced guitarists who can handle the guitar easily and wish to produce a loud sound.


Just like in other sectors of life, budget is a huge deciding factor in the choice of guitar. You will find the guitar market to be full of the instruments in different price ranges. The cost varies from low to very premium costs. Therefore, you should set a budget before buying a guitar. This will make things easy as you will look in the specified price range with limited options of guitars, so choosing the best guitar will become easy.

Try the Guitar

After you have chosen the Budget, the right specifications, and the design of the guitar, you should try the guitar in a store before buying it. A trial of the guitar will make sure that you are comfortable holding the guitar and playing it smoothly. If you buy a guitar without trying it, it is possible that you will end up wasting your money.

If you want a more detailed step-by-step Guide on How to Buy your First Acoustic Guitar, Consider reading this free ebook that we have prepared. Download it from the link below.

So, Now let’s Raise the curtain! Here are our picks for the Five Best Acoustic Guitars for beginners.

(Please note that We may get a small commission if you make a purchase through any of the links given below.)

5 Best Acoustic Guitars in India under 10000 Rupees

Here is a list of the 5 Best Acoustic Guitars in India under 10000 rupees:

  • Cort AD810/E
  • Ibanez PF15ECE
  • Epiphone DR-100
  • Fender CD60S
  • Epiphone Pro-1

These are my personal recommendations and I’ve tested out and played each one of these guitars. So, rest assured that this is an authentic review coming from an experienced guitar player and not just another top 5 list that you’ll find on most of the sites out there.

Lets us now talk a little bit about each one of these guitars.

5. Cort AD810/810E

Cort AD810E is ready to play the moment it is taken out of the box. Little to no adjustment is needed initially, which is very advantageous to the beginners. The type of guitar is dreadnought.

Its body is composed of spruce top and back, and the sides are made of mahogany. Two types of AD810E are currently present in the market. One variant has natural finishing, while the other has open-pore black gloss finishing, along with the binding and teardrop-shaped pickguard in black color. 

Cort AD810 is, without a doubt, one of the best Acoustic Guitars in India under 10000 rupees.



  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Awesome Sound Quality
  • Great Playability


  • Hardly any


4. Ibanez PF15ECE

Ibanez PF15ECE is a significant improvement in the other models of Ibanez. It is one of the most-popular dreadnoughts acoustic guitars of this range.

Other than the stylish design and good sound, the one thing that stands out the most about PF15ECE is that it comes with a built-in preamp, which is not present in other guitars of this reasonable price range. Even if they have preamps, the Guitars don’t sound as good as the Ibanez PF15ECE. Moreover, very little, if any, adjustment is needed initially, so it is very user-friendly as well. This Makes it a perfect choice as a Guitar for beginners. 

If you can slightly extend your budget, then the Ibanez PF15ECEbe can be your perfect first Acoustic guitar. It is also one of the best acoustic guitars in India under 10000/15000 rupees and provides a great sound at the given price point.



  • Build Quality and Design
  • Amazing Sound
  • Smooth playing


  • Slightly expensive


3. Epiphone DR-100

Those days are long gone when Epiphone guitars were not considered to be excellent. Nowadays, Epiphone has emerged to be one of the most popular guitar brands in the market. They have made a mark of their own and are now even competing with the Gibson guitars.

With Epiphone DR-100, the brand has continued its tradition of introducing popular acoustic guitars. DR-100 is arguably the most luxurious guitar at a reasonable price range. It can easily be considered by a beginner on a tight budget.

This DR-100 dreadnought guitar makes use of the collection of select spruce for the upper part of the guitar and mahogany for its body. It is one of the most famous combinations in the guitar’s body. 

According to me, this is one of the best acoustic guitars in India for beginners.



  • Build Quality and Design
  • Excellent playability
  • Bright sound.


  • Hardly any


2. Fender CD60S

Fender CD-60S is of the most famous acoustic guitars that can provide you with all the essential functionalities with a gorgeous design and body. It has some amazing specs, which are very appealing to both the beginners and experienced guitar players.

Like other dreadnought guitars, CD-60S also offers loud, solid, and crispy sound. The size of the guitar itself is easy to hold. The full-body design makes the guitar stylish as the body is made from mahogany and surrounded by solid spruce. Moreover, scalloped X bracing is used to support the body’s design. The sound quality is impressive as it is beautiful and resonant.

This is one of the best Acoustic Guitars in India that you can get for under $200 or 15000 Rupees. 



  • Excellent Sound
  • Solid Construction
  • Playability


  • Costlier than other guitars


1. Epiphone Pro-1

The Epiphone PRO-1 is a dreadnought-type guitar. Epiphone has perfected these types of guitars over many decades. The famous guitar company has nailed the design of PRO-1 as it has a very less body depth, which makes it comfortable to hold. The top of the PRO-1 is enclosed by the Custom PRO-Prietary Bracing that provides clear highs and robust lows in the sound of the guitar. Moreover, it can be kept in any kind of environment with complete stability. 

With a fantastic design and styling, Epiphone has tried to make the Pro 1 look really attractive and modern. 

Epiphone Pro-1 has all the features that make it the Best Acoustic Guitar in India for beginners.

We would highly recommend this guitar to anyone who is looking to buy their first Guitar but is on a tight budget.



  • Low Price
  • Sound Quality
  • Playability


  • Hardly Any


Honorable Mention

Yamaha F310

How can I miss this amazing guitar!

Yamaha F310 is a quality acoustic guitar that provides excellent tone and good sustain. This is one of the best acoustic guitars in India that you’ll find today. You get the quality and trust of Yamaha with this guitar packed with a spruce top, Meranti back and sides, a Nato neck, and a rosewood fretboard.

Its dreadnought style body provides a loud acoustic tone with comfortable playability owing to its shorter scale length.

I personally love the sound of this guitar. I’ve extensively used this guitar in my Youtube covers. You can watch the video below to get a good understanding of how this guitar sounds.



  • Unique Tonewood Construction
  • Easier on the hands
  • Excellent Playability
  • Warm and clear sound


  • Haven’t found any. I just love this guitar.



While the Cort AD810 is one of the best Acoustic Guitars for people who don’t want to spend much on their first guitar, if you can splurge a bit, consider buying the Fender CD60S or the Epiphone Pro-1.

Please note that there are way cheaper options available in the market and for as low as $50. But let me tell you that these Guitars are up to no good! You will face a lot of difficulties with cheaply built guitars and it may lead to your quitting of the learning process altogether. 

So, my strong recommendation is that Go with any of the guitars mentioned in the above list and you’re golden. Of course, you can always upgrade your guitar later when you have gained enough skills and experience on the guitar.

This concludes our review of the 5 best acoustic guitars in India under 10000 rupees.


Below are some frequently asked questions about Acoustic Guitar.

Am I too old to learn to play an acoustic guitar?

No. Age is just a number. You're never too old or too young to start learning anything. You just need a passion for the instrument. That's all.

How long will it take for me to learn guitar?

In Music, the more you learn, the more you realize that you lack something. It's a continuous learning process and you'll always have something new to learn every single day.

Why do the prices of Acoustic guitar range so much in value?

It all boils down to the construction of the guitar. A carefully crafted handmade guitar will always cost more than a mass-produced guitar. More price doesn't always mean better quality, but it's true in most cases.

What is the action of a guitar?

Action refers to the distance between the strings and the fretboard of a guitar. High action means that the strings are far away from the fretboard leading to difficulty in playing whereas very low action leads to 'fret buzz'.

What is the advantage of a cutaway guitar?

An acoustic guitar with a cutaway has the bottom part of the body ‘cut away’ from the neck allowing easier access to the higher frets.

What is a truss rod?

A truss rod is a long metal rod that runs below the fretboard and on the inside of the neck and helps to keep it straight. If you see a bow in your neck between the 8th and 12th fret, an adjustment of the truss rod will help to straighten it up.

What is a 'Solid Top' guitar?

Solid Top guitars are constructed using a solid piece of tone wood. On cheaper guitars, manufacturer's use a thin laminate of tone wood which is glued onto cheaper wood. 'Solid top' and 'Solid sides' guitars have a better sound projection.

Does acoustic guitar require maintenance?

Of course, treat it like your baby! Guitars are sensitive to temperatures and weather conditions. Never store your guitar in a place which is too cold or too hot. Use a guitar maintenance kit to clean and polish your guitar from time to time.

What is the use of a Capo?

A capo is used to raise the pitch of all the strings of the guitar at once. This is useful for vocalists as well as guitarists. Beginner Guitarists can get away with playing easy open chords as opposed to the ever-threatening barre chords.

Will playing an acoustic guitar hurt my fingers?

A teensy bit, yeah. If you've never played guitar before, you'll develop blisters on your fingers. But it's just a part of the learning process. You'll get accustomed to it.

Does the color of a guitar affect it's tone or playability?

Color has got nothing to do with the way a guitar sounds. But yeah, the woods used in the construction will greatly affect the tone of the guitar.

What size of 'pick' should I use?

It all depends on personal preference. As a rule of thumb, just remember that thinner picks are good for strumming whereas thicker picks are perfect for playing single notes/solos.

Where can I get a detailed step-by-step guide on buying an acoustic guitar?

You can download a Free ebook from our website or get a kindle version of our guide from Amazon.

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