How to capture email address of your Customer with Funneleo

Whether you are a newbie in eCommerce or a Pro Marketer, everyone needs a Funnel, a Landing Page that not only looks visually attractive but also converts like a Charm! Today I am gonna introduce you to a tool that is a perfect combination of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice! It’s called ‘Funneleo’.

I’m gonna show you how to build a sales funnel and capture the email of your customers to build your email list using Funneleo. First, let’s do a quick review of funneleo.

Lets us now do a quick Funneleo Review before we dive into the method of creating a campaign.

What is Funneleo?

Funneleo is the first of its kind cloud-based software that is well known for its capability to attract visitors by creating beautiful Landing Pages, Lead Magnet campaigns for your Products, and thus allowing you to build your subscribers list. With Funneleo it is possible to collect the emails of your potential buyers on Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy. This was almost impossible earlier!

Its execution does not stop here, rather it allows you to offer Bonuses or Coupons to the users when they subscribe to your mailing list or make a purchase through your funnel.

With the Funneleo app, you can create multiple campaigns to promote your affiliate products or your own products. You can import as many as 100 products from your Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify stores. Once visitors land on your Funnel page, the Tracking code on your web page is activated and adds them to your target audience group so that you can retarget them with PPC ads later on.

You can also send promotional emails to your subscribed buyers to generate more sales in future campaigns, not to mention that everything is done without violating any of the policies of the associated e-commerce stores. The Unlimited Version allows you to send broadcast messages to up to 10,000 subscribers every month. If you have your own autoresponder, then this will work like a charm! Nevertheless, the rewards and coupons are automatically delivered to the customers by the Funneleo App’s in-built mail delivery System.

You may watch a Quick demo video that provides every ins and out of how to use this software:

The official Launch Date of the Funneleo App was 24th November 2020 @ 9 am EST.

So, if you are keen on purchasing this Amazing piece of Software, make sure that you bookmark this Date and time in your Google Calendars! 

Why do you even need Funneleo?

Who is Funneleo For?

Main Features of Funneleo

Now you must be wondering “What if I don’t have an online eCommerce store?”

Well, you don’t have to worry because Funneleo is offering Two Additional Bonuses exclusively during the Launch Period.

BONUS #1: Done For You Shopify Store

This includes:

  1. Pro design with animated images.
  2. Well-researched Products, ready to be imported with One Click.
  3. Setup video along with a PDF walk through

BONUS #2: Live Training Workshop

This includes:

  1. Choosing  the best products
  2. Secret Proven Strategies for Success
  3. Automation for your campaigns

If you want the bonuses, you will have to purchase Funneleo during the First day of the Launch itself as the Bonuses can be taken down at any time, according to the makers of Funneleo, Cindy Donovan & Samuel Gilbert.

So, What Are you Waiting for?

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How to build a sales funnel using funneleo: Step-by-step Guide

  1. First of all, Click on “New Campaign”

2. You will have to select your theme by choosing one of the templates from the available options.

3.  Then Find your product by entering the details required by the stores. 

4.  Then once you find the product, enter the campaign details, and add your Associate ID (for Affiliate Campaign). Select ‘Coupon’ as the type of the campaign if you are a seller.

5.  Then set the prices for your product.

6. Schedule your Campaign. Set the start and end date/time.

7. Now, write attractive content for your products so that it can catch the attention of the visitors. You will need to add the Logo, Title, Description, Reviews, etc.

8. Now, you can either use Funneleo’s domain or enter your own domain for the best results.

9. Now, you can enter your Facebook pixel or Google Analytics code on the next page. You can insert any other custom Javascript code on your page.

10. In the next step, you can add your own custom Lead Magnet Message to maximize conversions. You can also set the Autoresponder message to be sent to the opt-in subscribers.

That’s it! Your campaign is now live.

You can also set up Automation emails when you integrate your Autoresponder with Funneleo. 

You can also set up viral campaigns that will reward the users for referring the campaign to a friend. This will bring in viral organic traffic to your funnel!

Now talking about the features, there are quite a few differences when we compare the Starter and the Unlimited version of the Funneleo App.

Starter vs Unlimited Version

As per the Official Website, Funneleo Starter offers the following Features:

  • 10 Shopify Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 10 Etsy Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 10 Amazon FBA Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 20 Amazon Affiliate Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • Broadcast 500 Subscribers A Month
  • Easy to use lead capture page builder for prospects and capture customer emails
  • (Optional) Connect to your autoresponder
  • Automated coupon delivery system
  • Automated rewards delivery system
  • Access Funneleo’s 5,000+ Facebook community

Funneleo Unlimited offers the following Features:

  • 100 Shopify Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 100 Etsy Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 100 Amazon FBA Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 100 Amazon Affiliate Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • Broadcast 10,000 Subscribers A Month
  • Easy to use lead capture page builder for prospects and capture customer emails
  • (Optional) Connect to your autoresponder
  • Automated coupon delivery system
  • Automated rewards delivery system
  • Access the 5,000+ Facebook community
  • Bonus DFY Shopify Store
  • Bonus Live Training

Source: Official Funneleo Website

So, What Are you Waiting for?

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You will also get a lot of FREEBIES when you purchase through any of the links on this page.


Funneleo Pricing & Discount

Funneleo Starter (Front-End) was priced at $34 (Now $24) whereas Funneleo Unlimited (Front-End) was priced at $37 (Now $27) at the time of the launch. However, you can apply a special coupon “funneleo” and save $3 on the Ultimate Version. So, essentially you are getting the Ultimate version at the price of the starter Version.

The best thing about Funneleo is that your purchase is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. No Questions Asked. So essentially, you have nothing to lose!

Also, if you want to get the best out of your funneleo experience, it is advisable to purchase additional upgrades.

The Viral Campaigns, DFY Niche Stores, Live Training, Agency Upgrades are all offered as OTOs (One Time Offers) during the Launch Period.  It is advisable to purchase the upgrades during this period only as the prices may soar later on.

Apart from the two Bonuses that you are getting along with the Ultimate version of Funneleo, what if I told you that you can get 9 Additional Bonuses at no extra cost? Yes, 9. And also, an ebook every week for LIFETIME or for as long as you want. It doesn’t stop there. You will get Premium WordPress Plugins, Design Pack for your website, and loads of PLR content when you sign up for my mailing List. The total content you’d get is over 100 Gb. Would you want that? I don’t see a reason not to.


All of these bonuses will help you in your e-commerce journey and maximize your profits by providing you the necessary training, tools and the resources. To know more about the additional bonuses click the button Below. See you on the other side!


Now, you must have understood how amazing this software is. I strongly recommend you to use this software, as it is able to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

After going through my Funneleo Software review, you surely must have no confusion about its effectiveness. For every eCommerce seller, this is must-try software!

This concludes my blog on ‘Funneleo Review’. Thanks for Reading!

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Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Funneleo.

1. What is Funneleo?
Funneleo is the first-to-market cloud-based eCommerce software that allows you to capture customer emails and potential buyers via powerful lead capture funnels by incentivizing visitors to subscribe to your email list by offering them coupons and other freebies.

2. Who is the creator of Funneleo?
Funneleo is jointly created by Cindy Donovan & Samuel Gilbert. Cindy Donovan is a Top 1% affiliate in JVZoo with over 49,000 sales under Wildlife Concepts and has more than 14,500 affiliate sales.

3. Is it beginner-friendly?
Yes. This is something literally anyone can do, even if you’ve never earned anything online before.

4. Is it Legal?
Yes. You do not violate any Policies of Amazon, Etsy, or Shopify.

5. Will it work for any NICHE?
Yes. Funneleo works well with any Niche.

6. How many Funnels can  I create?
10 or 100 depending on your version of the product.

7. How many leads can I generate?

8. Do I need a website to use Funneleo?
No. Absolutely Not.

9. Will it integrate with my Autoresponder?
Yes, Funneleo supports integration with autoresponders so you don’t have to switch.

10. How can I track the performance of my campaigns?
You can view the built-in analytics to find out how well your campaigns are performing.

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