How to earn Rs.2000 per day ($30) with Adzooma

Hello Guys, I’m gonna share with you in detail how you can join PartnerStack – an affiliate marketing Platform and start earning Rs.2000 or $30 per referral/connection by partnering with Adzooma. 
You know, what’s more fun? 😍 I’m gonna share with you a few more Affiliate Programs that you can be a part of. All of these programs pay very high commission fees to their Affiliate partners.
What’s special about these campaigns, you ask? Well, You will be working with some of the big brands and leading agencies and help them market their services. 
The best part is that you don’t have to go hunting for these companies to join their affiliate programs. I will introduce a platform where you can apply for Affiliate programs of Multiple companies, all in one place. 
You can keep a track of your earnings, your referrals, gain access to high-quality ready to use Resources for your promotional activities. All this, on a single platform which I will talk about in just a bit.
So, without further ado, Let’s start. I’m gonna show you how to easily earn 2000 rupees per day with Adzooma.


Let me introduce you to ‘Adzooma’ –  a multi-award-winning omnichannel online advertising platform for Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising.

It’s designed to help your team prioritize the tasks that will produce the biggest impact for you or your clients.

And we all want that right?

Also, you don’t even have to pay! The platform is totally free to use, indefinitely.

As you can tell, I’m loving Adzooma – they even have a great Marketplace which is designed to put you and the best marketing services together to improve your business. 

If you use Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising, this is really a game-changer.

  • Slash the time it takes to successfully manage multiple Google, Facebook, and Microsoft accounts 

  • Use expert optimizations based on 240+ metrics, all in a few clicks to consistently improve campaign performance

  • Use rule-based automation to save time and turn Adzooma into your 24/7 automatic assistant

  • Anticipate problems with accounts, ensuring you can act on them immediately

  • Use personalized reporting to show what has worked and pinpoint where you should focus your attention next

Adzooma’s biggest benefit is the time it saves you on a daily basis, as it crunches hours of expert analysis and optimization into just seconds. 

Everything said and done, you are more interested in knowing how to earn money by partnering with Adzooma, isn’t it?

So, the question that naturally comes to mind is how can you become an Adzooma Partner? 
It’s Simple.
Below are the 4 easy steps that you need to follow:

1) Sign up for an account on PartnerStack
👉PartnerStack is a platform for affiliate marketers that connects you with various, high-paying companies. 

How to sign up on Partnerstack: 

a. Open Partnerstack website
Click here to directly navigate to the PartnerStack Affiliate sign up page.

b. Fill up the Sign-up Form

Make sure you enter all the details correctly.
How to earn 2000 per day
c. Verify your email address
d. Login & Access Dashboard
Once you successfully verify your email address and get accepted into the Partner Program of PartnerStack, you can access your Affiliate Dashboard.
It would look something like below:
2.) Click on Marketplace Option
Once the PartnerStack MarketPlace is opened, you might wanna search for ‘Adzooma’.
Once it shows up, click on the ‘Join’ button.
3.) Fill up the Adzooma Application form
Enter all the details correctly. 
4.) Agree to Adzooma’s Terms
This is the last step of the process. Once you have done this, your application will be reviewed by the Adzooma team and if you have filled up the form correctly, you can expect approval within an hour or two. In some cases, it might take up to 24 hours.
Once your Adzooma Partnership is Approved, just start sharing your Affiliate Link with other users and start earning rewards right away. 
The Rewards that you can earn include:
  • Invite 5 agencies and get $100 bonus
  • Invite 1st agency and get $50 bonus
  • Invite agencies and earn 10% monthly recurring commission
  • Invite 10 users to Adzooma and earn $75 bonus
  • Earn $30 per connection
You can create your own custom Links (Up to 50) which can navigate the user to a specific web page on the Adzooma Partner Website.
Also, if you click on the ‘Resources‘ section, you will find banners, social media creatives, and content that can be used directly in your Marketing campaigns.
Now, you must be wondering how the hell will I get paid?
Well, I’ve got an answer to that.

The way PartnerStack pays out rewards works like this:

  •  From the 1st to the final day of a month, you earn and accrue rewards. These are marked as “Pending approval” on your Rewards & Withdrawals page
  • On the final day of the month, PartnerStack sends a list of all pending rewards to the companies you are partnering with.
  • The companies then have some time to review the rewards list and approve/decline as needed
  • Payouts are available for cash out on your Rewards & Withdrawals page around the 13th of the following month


  • March 1 to March 30 – Rewards are calculated and sent to companies for review (your rewards will appear under Pending Rewards)
  • April 1 to 7 – Company has a chance to review rewards and make any changes
  • April 13 – Funds are available to withdraw from your Rewards & Withdrawals page
If you want to try Adzooma before joining the program, feel free to click here, register for a free account, and then decide whether it is worth your time and effort.
Now, As I have stated earlier, PartnerStack provides access to Affiliate programs of hundreds of companies. New companies are added every month. The more companies you partner with, the more you share your referral links, the more commissions you will earn.
  • The referred user needs to connect an active ads account with ad spend on it for the last 30 days. So, their Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Microsoft Ads needs to have a balance on it.
  • For Guaranteed comissions, try to invite individuals or businesses such as digital agencies/freelancers who are using paid advertising on a regular basis.
  • There is no billing and Adzooma never charges users for creating Adzooma accounts or connecting ad accounts.


Other Recommended Programs

Now, I will recommend some of the Programs that I have personally been a partner of and have managed to earn hundreds of dollars as rewards. Feel free to check them out.
(If you want to read about how you can start a  successful dropshipping business with Spocket, click here.)
If you ask me what are the advantages of joining PartnerStack as compared to other CPA Affiliate Marketing Platforms, I’ll say:
  • High Commission Rates
  • No Spammy Websites
  • No Surveys
  • No Annoying Pop-ups every now and then while signing up
  • Work with 100% Legit and Respectable Brands
  • Timely Payouts
  • Plenty of High-Quality Resources
  • Simple and Easy to understand User Interface
  • Hundreds of Partnering Companies
  • E-mail/Skype Support
  • Connect directly with Company representatives
I hope all this information was useful to you and I hope to see you on the PartnerStack Platform soon.
(If you need any payment proofs you can drop me an email at [email protected])
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