Traffic Armageddon Review – 5X Your Traffic Now!

Whether you are a newbie in Affiliate Marketing or a Pro Marketer, everyone needs Traffic! Without traffic, you can’t really survive in the Internet Marketing world. You need a good amount of traffic for 3 main reasons:

  1. To make Online Sales
  2. To Earn Affiliate commissions
  3. To grow your email list

Roughly 90% of the Beginner Affiliate Marketers QUIT because they fail to drive enough traffic to their affiliate offers. Hence, it is very important that you master the strategies that will help you get targeted buyer traffic to your offers and thus build a sustainable online business.

Today I am gonna introduce you to a product that is proven to increase your buyer traffic by 5X. It’s called Traffic Armageddon‘.

Traffic Armageddon is a complete Training package that will solve all your traffic problems. It contains a built-in DFY automated commission funnel along with a PROVEN strategy that will 5X your buyer traffic and the best part is that it works with any Niche, Any Product, and is beginner-friendly! 

I’ll try to cover all aspects of the product and also mention the bonuses that you will get when you purchase ‘Traffic Armageddon’ today. Let us get started.

Lets us now do a quick Traffic Armageddon Review before we talk about the Pricing and the Bonuses. We will go through the features and then I’ll conclude with my final remarks about the product. Based on that you can make an informed decision on whether you should invest in it or not.

Our Rating


Total Score

Ease of Use 99%
Quality 90%
Value for Money 98%

What is Traffic Armageddon?

Traffic Armageddon is an info product that will teach you how to multiply traffic by 5X. The Product is developed by the Trio of Philip Johansen, Dan Khan & Jasdeep.

Jasdeep, who is a veteran in the online game will teach you exactly how to set up campaigns, choose the correct offers and finally drive traffic to those offers.

You will get access to all the resources including traffic, lead generation, exact funnels, and exact profitable offers that are working for Jasdeep.

Product Info:

  • Vendor: Philip Johansen, Dan Khan & Jasdeep
  • Launch Starts: Friday, March 5th, 2021 at 09:00 AM EST
  • Launch Ends: Friday, March 10th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST
  • Category: Info Product – Traffic Training
  • Front-End Launch Price: $12.95 (May change later)
  • Upsells: 5 Additional upgrades ranging from $47 to $197

Why do you even need Traffic Armageddon?

The biggest hindrance to any online business is getting adequate & high-quality buyer traffic. When you have an unlimited supply of targeted traffic, almost all of your marketing problems go away. Majorly, it eradicates the following problems:

  • You don’t have to struggle for Affiliate Commissions
  • Waste your time and efforts making content that goes unnoticed.
  • Worry about the competition
  • Make Sales and generate a steady flow of income.

The Biggest Internet Marketers have ONE thing in common. They all understand that TRAFFIC is the key factor for success in the Online World. They know exactly how to generate traffic and then monetize the traffic for a Passive stream of income.

With Traffic Armageddon, you will gain access to the secret techniques and strategies that these Big Marketers use and apply the same strategies to multiply your traffic by up to 5X.

The campaigns inside Traffic Armageddon are designed to turn 1 click into 5 EVERY single time!

What makes Traffic Armageddon Unique?

If you’re here on this page, I’m pretty sure that you must have tried at least one Traffic Info product in the past and failed to generate any meaningful traffic that converted for your offer. Even if you didn’t and you’re here to just know more about Traffic Armageddon itself, I would really want you to know a few things highlighting the SAD reality of other Traffic Products.

Any Push-button app or BOT can generate traffic. But what’s the use of such a traffic if it won’t convert and bring meaningful returns on your investment, right? If you’ve tried some of these apps in the past, you’ll know they can get you clicks, but barely ANY sales.

Also, some other products that claim to generate ‘Viral Traffic’ are just Bogus. The ‘viral’ part only works if you have a MASSIVE social media audience & run multiple pages and groups on different Platforms.

People also invest a lot of money into getting traffic via Paid Ads, Solo Ads, Native Ads, etc. If you aren’t experienced enough, chances are that you will fail to get satisfactory ROIs or may even incur losses.

The Solution – Traffic Armageddon

With Traffic Armageddon you’ll never have to struggle to get Targeted traffic again – Traffic that consists of real & motivated-to-buy humans and NO Bots!

With Traffic Armageddon, you get access to a DFY funnel that’s optimized to convert into leads & commissions. It’s everything you need to profit online. You can leverage this High-Quality Traffic and send it to any offer that you want, Any Niche!

99% of other traffic systems or apps STOP WORKING whenever a loophole closes or a platform updates. But that isn’t the case with Traffic Armageddon – It’s EVERGREEN. This is because Jasdeep uses this exact method to deliver traffic to his high-paying customers. He has to make sure it keeps working no matter what. 

How does Traffic Armageddon work?

Traffic Armageddon will teach you strategies to drive unlimited targeted traffic to your offers. Whether you are promoting your own product or an affiliate product, this strategy will ensure that you never run out of traffic.

The process of turning 1 click into 5 clicks is actually simple and straightforward. If you already have a website or a landing page ready, all you gotta do is insert a small piece of ‘CODE’ into the footer section of your page. Once that’s done, your visitors will be presented with more high-converting offers and this will increase the number of clicks to all your offers. Jasdeep has claimed that roughly 70% of people who visit your first page end up clicking on subsequent offers as well. What does it mean to you? More traffic, More conversions, and more Commissions.

For security reasons, I cannot reveal the exact code here. But it is definitely PROVEN to work. There are also quite a few other fail-proof and tested strategies waiting for you to be explored inside Traffic Armageddon. You can even expect to see results starting from day one.

Features of Traffic Armageddon

TRAFFIC ARMAGEDDON is the exact system that has helped Jasdeep make $1000+ Per Day. Now you can too!

Following are the Salient Features of the Traffic Armageddon System. It involves:

  • No content creation
  • No product creation
  • No building authority
  • No becoming an expert
  • No customer support
  • No making videos
  • No need for review sites
  • No affiliate stores required
  • No endless forum posting
  • No Waiting for Results!

Traffic Armageddon Is An All-In-One Income Solution that can help you achieve results even on the same day!

It literally works in Three Simple Steps:

Step 1: Buy Traffic Armageddon at a special discount via any of the links on this page.

Step 2: Copy the proven Traffic system & DFY profit funnel

Step 3: Now, unleash unlimited buyer traffic on demand

What exactly you get with Traffic Armageddon?

Unlike other ‘systems’, Traffic Armageddon is about one thing: RESULTS. Let us see what all you get when you purchase Traffic Armageddon today.

1. The EXCLUSIVE 5X Traffic System
You will get access to training that will teach you how to effortlessly get 5X MORE traffic. This system will work even if you are a total beginner!

2. Maximum Commission Method
You can know how the experts pick offers that maximize profits every single time. No more guessing and you can accurately predict WHICH offers are worth your time.

3. DFY 2-In-1 Profit Funnel
You will get access to the EXACT funnel Jasdeep uses to automates leads & commissions. It’s all Done-For-You!

The strategies and techniques mentioned in the training are Priceless and for security reasons, I cannot talk about them here in this review. You will have to buy it to experience the magic of this incredible system that is PROVEN to work starting from Day 1!

Note: In order to import Jasdeep’s funnel, you will need to have Clickfunnels which may cost you $99 per month for the basic plan. I understand that not everybody can afford this kind of money. So, I will help you out.

If you buy Traffic Armageddon through the links on this page, I will design a similar or exact funnel just like Jasdeep’s on WORDPRESS. You can use this funnel for your offers. However, do note that you will need a wordpress website for this to work. You can get good hosting and domain for a cheap price from here. 

Once you make a purchase, email me the receipt at and I will clone Jasdeep’s funnel on wordpress for you for FREE.

Traffic Armageddon Main Training

Below is a screenshot of the main training area of the Traffic Armageddon Front-End product.

The whole training is divided into 4 modules. The course structure is as follows:

Module 1: Welcome!

✅Welcome by Jasdeep

Module 2: Main Training
✅Traffic Armageddon Live in Action
✅The Code
✅Finding The Right Offers
✅Turn 1 Click Into 5
✅Understanding Traffic In 10 Minutes
✅Proven Traffic Sources

Module 3: A-Z Traffic Training
✅Live Bing Ads Masterclass
✅Live Google Ads Masterclass
✅Live Youtube Masterclass

Module 4: Bonus Training
✅Finding High Converting Offers Full Training
✅How To Be Successful With Any Online Program (1 HOUR TRAINING)
✅Get More Traffic With Lead Magnets

Traffic Armageddon Bonuses

If you’ve set your mind on Traffic Armageddon and are ready to buy, you will get access to the following custom Bonuses for FREE. But please note that these bonuses can be taken down at any time. Maybe, if you check now, it won’t even be there!


VIP Support With DIRECT Access To Jasdeep.

(Value – $1200)


Behind-The-Scenes Of a 6 Figure PER MONTH Marketing Business

(Value – $1800)


Your Unfair Advantage In Business &
Life CUSTOM Training

(Value – $900)


INSTANT Approval To Promote Traffic Armageddon

(Value – $97)


1 Hour LIVE Free Training With Jasdeep

(Value – $700)


Now, if you purchase through any of the links given on this page, I will send you additional bonuses that will definitely help you in your Online Journey! This includes a good mix of Traffic Apps, Design Packs, Email Swipes, Softwares, and much more.

You will get some incredible and PROVEN money-making products valued at over $5,000 in total. But hurry up, I will give these bonuses only to the first 50 people who buy through my link! If you aren’t in the first 50, I’m sorry but you will have to find some other way to secure these bonuses from me.

You can click on the button below to have a look at the additional Bonuses that you will get from me if you purchase Traffic Armageddon via any of the links on this page.

I can assure you that when you claim these Bonuses you will become Unstoppable! So, what are you waiting for? Act Now and claim your spot before it’s gone. If you buy now, you can Save Over 85%.

This special discount is valid only during the Launch Period!

Traffic Armageddon Pricing


The Front-end of the Traffic Armageddon is priced at $17 (Price may change later on).

If you act now, you can still get it at a huge 85% Discount effective price being $12.95



DFY Accelerator
Get 30 of Jasdeep’s proven email swipes that have made him over $300,000

(Value – $47)


DFY Sales Automation
Exact Funnel, an offer to promote and Solo Ad Traffic for FREE

(Value – $197)


Unlimited Traffic
Get access to 1000’s of Buyers

(Value – $197)


Traffic Mastery
This ‘all-in-one’ solution delivers all the traffic anyone could ever need.

(Value – $97)


Resell Rights
Double your profits by selling Traffic Armageddon as your own.

(Value – $97)

Traffic Armageddon Guarantee

Traffic Armageddon comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked!

Considering the Discount, Bonuses, and the money back guarantee, getting Traffic Armageddon is a complete ‘No-Brainer’.


Now, you must have understood how amazing Traffic Armageddon is. I strongly recommend you to get this system as it will solve your biggest problem in the Online Marketing world – TRAFFIC!

After going through my Traffic Armageddon review, you surely must have no confusion about its effectiveness.

I had bought a couple of Jasdeep’s products in the past and can definitely vouch for him. He truly is a Traffic Master. You can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands and won’t get scammed or looted for Bogus Products that just won’t work!

You can have a look at his previous product with Phill & Dan called ‘Traffic Cataclysm.‘ It was the best-selling product and WarriorPlus Deal-of-The-Day Winner as well.

This concludes my blog on ‘Traffic Armageddon Review’. Thanks for Reading!


Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Traffic Armageddon.

1. What is Traffic Armageddon?
Traffic Armageddon is an all-in-one income system. You get access to the most powerful 5-in-1 traffic generation system in the world.

2. Who is the creator of Traffic Armageddon?
Funneleo is jointly created by Philip Johansen, Dan Khan & Jasdeep.

3. Is it beginner-friendly?
Yes. This is something literally anyone can do, even if you’ve never earned anything online before.

4. Is this just traffic or are money-making methods included too?
Along with a traffic system, you get access to a high-converting funnel.

5. Will it work for any NICHE?
Yes. Traffic Armageddon works well with any Niche.

6. How many leads can I generate?

7. Do I need a website to use this product?
Yes. You can get WordPress hosting or sign up on Groovefunnels for FREE.

8. Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes, 30-day Money back guarantee.

9. Do I need to make videos?

10. Are there upsells?
Yes, Starting from $47 up to $197.

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