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Best Tips to Stay Motivated Towards Your Goals in 2020

2020 has really left us all feeling demotivated, hasn’t it? We are barely finding the motivation and energy to do daily tasks, let alone work towards bigger goals. But time waits for none and you got to do what you got to do.

Are you finding it difficult to stay motivated towards your goals during these tough times that we are all going through in 2020?

Worry not, I got you!

Here are the best tips to stay motivated towards your goals:

1) Make a Vision Board

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As cheesy as it sounds, just make one. It would help you immensely to stay motivated towards your goals when they’re right there in front of you. You know exactly what you are working for.

Humans are visual creatures. Visualization of your goals will keep you on track and motivated to work towards them. 

Make an imageboard and fill it with pictures of your ideal objectives. Be it whatever. The vehicle you need to possess, the house you need to live in, the zone where you need to live in genuinely, they’re the conspicuous ones. 

Others could be pictures of personal objectives, prizes, top of the line travel tickets, garments you need to purchase, find eateries you need to visit. Whatever you can think about that gets your heartbeat hustling. Get creative!

2) Know Your Why & Always Remember It

If it’s not a matter of life & death, most people wouldn’t bother doing anything. If you were to go broke the next day, of course you would get to work.
Unless you have a very strong ‘why’, you would not be motivated enough to do anything. Either create a strong why or if you already have one, always keep it in the back of your mind.
You may stick your ‘why’ on your vision board and always keep it before your eyes. This would help you to stay motivated towards your goals.

3) The Day Begins the Night Before

Always plan your day the night before. Always. Not tomorrow morning. Tonight.

“Your first thought in the morning is usually the same as your last thought was before you went to sleep.” (From The Miracle Morning)

When you sleep having decided something, you would wake up a little more motivated and clear about what you are supposed to do. And it’s one less task for the next day. 

4) Control the Bookends

“All hell can break loose throughout the day, but because I control the bookends, I know I’m always going to start and finish strong.”  (From The Compound Effect)

Always create and maintain a routine in the morning and in night. This way, you don’t lose track of your goals and what really matters.

Unnecessary things and people can take up a lot of your time during the day but as long as you start and end your days right, you will always stay motivated towards your goals. 

Maintaining a routine will not only keep you disciplined but also on track, especially during these times when work from home has become a norm and we have trouble maintaining disciplined lives. Try to maintain a routine and you will feel motivated.

5) Take Time Out

You know that you only have 24 hours, right? And you can only do so many things in those 24 hours. Don’t bombard yourself with too many things to do. 

Achieving a goal requires that you give it time. The more time you give something, the better it gets. 

Ask yourself: Is your goal important enough to give it some time of your day? And are you willing to spend that much time and energy on it every day? 

If you do not take the time out, it’s not going to happen. So think before you set yourself unachievable goals. Is it important?!

Bigger goals do not require bigger actions. Read our article How To Apply The Compound Effect In Your Life that breaks down how you can achieve goals that seem too big. It’s actually very easy!

6) Don’t Seek Motivation

Hate to break it to you, but motivation doesn’t last. You can never achieve anything big or even small if you rely solely on motivation. It always comes and goes. 

The worst part, it depends highly on external factors. You cannot afford to depend on external factors for getting things done. It should always come from within. 

That’s why it is important to build habits with consistency and discipline. Read our article How To Build a Habit Easily – The Best Way to know what you need to do to build a habit easily.

Nothing will motivate you more than simply doing. But you won’t be always motivated to do things. That, you got to do on your own. 

Be your own motivation!

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  • Wow great post. Although 2020 is a long time ago and it was a tough time because of the invasion of the COVID-19 virus but goal setting is still attainable every year.

    I should try the vision board step K never used it before perhaps it may push my goals a little bit faster🙌🙌

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